Monday, July 19, 2010

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

It’s true what they say..'Oils ain’t oils'…After years of being told by doctors that coconut oil is bad for you & raises cholesterol, I now have come to believe otherwise. In the past few weeks I have started to actually increase the amount of fat in my diet, but have just changed the types of fats I eat & am now starting to loose weight much more easily.  I now use only Organic Virgin Coconut unrefined oil for cooking. Real butter on an occasional slice of home made sprouted grain bread, & extra virgin olive oil I only eat cold now in salad dressings. (as heating it pretty much destroys the oil turning it into free radicals/trans-fats etc)

Considering I come for a Sri Lankan background giving up coconut oil was almost like giving up part of my cultural identity. Sri Lankans use coconut oil both internally & externally, for cooking & as a hair conditioner/moisturiser.   The health benefits of coconut oil are just amazing. From actually boosting the metabolism to strengthening the immune system due to high amounts of lauric acid.  The only other source of lauric acid in such high amounts found in nature is in human breast milk.

I used to use Canola oil in baking believing that I was doing the ‘healthy’ thing. Little did I know that I was actually poisoning my body.

I’ve since learned that the majority of cooking oils on our supermarket shelves are basically rancid and are then refined, bleached, deodorized for sale!!! Yuk!!!

There are a lot of things I cannot control in life but the one thing I can control is me & what I choose to put into my body. I’ve also learned that when buying organic it pays to buy in bulk. Yes you have to initially shell out more cash-eola, but in the long run there are savings to be had if you purchase in bulk. I can't believe I have been avoiding something so good for me all these years. Well better late than never I suppose...

I buy my coconut oil in bulk through this company..


Kelly Crawford said...

We also use coconut oil on our skin and hair. And I must say that it's worth it. Before, we were worried as well but after the trials, whoa! It was really worth it. We've got mine from You may wanna try it.