Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I see red, I see red, I see red..!

I had a gift voucher lying about from a hardware/nursery store that was given to my for my birthday last September.  I went there last Saturday with the intention of only buying some much needed gardening supplies, which I did do by the way, but while meandering around the nursery section there I happened upon a most unusual fruit tree. I had just enough balance left on my voucher after getting said ‘much needed supplies’ that is, to purchase it.  There was only one tree left and who was I to tempt fate? Zoink!... Straight into my trolley.  The fact that the tree looked rather advanced as well and already had a tiny fruit on it also helped convince me that it must be purchased immediately. The fruit tree was an ‘Australian Red Centre Lime’ AKA ‘Australian Blood Lime’.  It’s a Hybrid of a Red finger lime (Microcitrus australasica) and a Rangpur lime (Citrus × limonia). A Rangpur lime is in itself a Hybrid, between a mandarin (AKA as a tangerine) and a lemon.  The resulting combination being a stunning red skinned lime!!.  As soon as I arrived home I transplanted it into a larger pot and added some organic liquid fertilizer & Epsom salts to the potting soil. I’ve done my part, now to hope like mad that the tree doesn’t suffer to much transplant shock and loose its precious fruit.

Fruit on tree when purchased...

Fruit and flowers...

The tree in its entirety...

The label... This is what the the mature fruit will look like... Purdy huh?!