Monday, April 25, 2011

A ‘Green Gables’ of our very own…

It’s full stream ahead now, the old place is sold and we officially settle the new place on the 7th July 2011. The ‘new place’ is really quite an old place, built during the Edwardian era.  We have been told that it is one the oldest houses in the town and therefore is quite an historical home.  Being that, I think that the house deserves to be appropriately named.  Now I could quite easily name the place ‘Green Gables’ as this is the first thing that pops into my head when I look at the place, but even though I would love to call the house this, I somehow feel that I would be doing the house a disrespect by doing so.  We have been told that the house was originally the Presbyterian Manse and was located at the back of what was once known as Smiths Paddock. Once we move into town and will have to confirm these details with local historians before making a final decision on the name.  In which case the name ‘The Old Manse’ comes to mind. Another thought crossed my mind too.  I remember hearing once  (must have been somewhere back in my schooling days) that peoples surnames in those days often referred to their profession.  So I am wondering if  ‘Smith’s Paddock’ might be referring to the fact the house/land was owned by a blacksmith? Well I guess only a bit more historical investigating will tell us for sure, until then the house will remain nameless. 

Can you see why 'Green Gables' came to mind?