Monday, July 5, 2010

"Man canna live by bread alone, but he assuredly canna live without it."

[1927 J. Buchan Witch Wood iii.]

I recently read a book named ‘Plan-D: The amazing anti-diet that will change your life forever’ by Dee McCaffrey. She said a few things that really resonated with me…

Firstly… ‘Everything that we need, that we need to eat was provided for us it grows naturally on the planet. It was only when we thought we could make it better or make it last longer that we ran into the problems that we ran into and why we are facing the health problems that we are today.

Secondly..” If food in its natural state is considered health food, what does that make the food most people eat disease-food?”

& lastly…’Every food in its whole natural state, that exists on this planet contains within it every fibre, vitamin, mineral, & enzyme that the human body needs to properly digest that particular food”

While reading her book I had many a light bulb moment. She has managed to break unhealthy patterns in my life & set me on the path to a more processed free lifestyle. At first I started cutting out highly processed carbs (Sugar, & products made with processed flour) around 7 weeks ago, but I have been wanted to go future than this & to go processed free as much as possible for everything I eat & drink. Her book has shown me how to do that. I’ve lost nearly 6kg so far just by changing the foods I eat. I still have a long way to go to be in a healthy weight range for my height. But hey it’s a start & I feel like that for the first time in my life it’s not a diet but a change in the way I eat for life.

As I have said I’ve cut out anything made from processed flour. I now rarely eat bread but the little bread that I do eat, I make myself. I now make homemade Sprouted grain bread from scratch. I’ve been experimenting with different recipe variations & think I might just have a keeper now. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about sprouted grain breads…

Here are some pics of my sprouted grain bread… a bit of a fiddly process but so worth the effort. Similar breads costs around $7 a loaf in health food stores. I now buy grain in bulk & make it for less than $1 a loaf.