Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My growing obsession…

They say ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones’, but what about those who live in polycarbonate houses on the other hand? They can throw stones to their hearts content right? Well maybe not, but ok let me explain. I received my birthday pressie a few months early this year and that present is something I have long dreamed about having. My very own greenhouse! Woot-woot! The reason for the earliness of the gift is that my birthday isn’t until September (or the beginning of spring, as it where in the southern hemisphere) and my main reason for wanting a greenhouse is to allow me to garden and protect my existing plants over winter. Aaaah see it all makes sense now does is not? Yes is does not…Wait what? You know what I mean, early gift equals plants safe and happy over winter. So anyway I am now the rather content owner of an aluminum framed greenhouse that has poly-whatchamacallit-thing-a-ma-bob paneling. Yay! I must say it has been a godsend over the winter months. No more running around, moving & covering plants every time we have severe frost warning. Nope, I simply moved all my most frost sensitive or juvenile plants into the greenhouse where they can overwinter without fear of the elements. It also allows me to get a head start on my veggie seedlings and I’ll probably just permanently grow things like my tomatoes, chilies, capsicums and eggplants in there to extend the growing season.  Also want to try my hand and growing a mango tree in a large container in the greenhouse as well. The possibilities seem endless… 

For anyone wanting information about the type of greenhouse I purchased, here's the link:


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