Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Tight-ass Tuesdays tip… or Saturdays as is the case today..

Forgive me friends, It has been a long time since my last confession… No, I mean blog entry. Here’s little a money/resource saving thing that I have always done but I figured  maybe I should share it with my virtual friends and neighbours. Bottle Labels.. yep there is no need to purchase a fancy labelling doohickey when one can simply re-use labels printed on the packaging that item comes in.  Here’s what I do… 

(Keep in mind these images where taken in my mobile phone so the quality is not fantastic..kk)

What ya need... your container of choice, scissors, the original packaging you bought the item in,  and some sticky tape.

Cut off the product name and I also like to cut off the expiry date so I have a record the best before date.

Place a piece of sticky tape over the top of your cuttings making sure its  overlaps on all sides.

Stick completed label to your container...

And  Badabing Badaboom your done!. 
Not 'rocket-surgery' or' brain-science' I know, but what is an obvious solution to a problem to one person isn't always obvious to another so why not share eh..