Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Happenstance

Wow, when one is up late one stumbles across some random things while googling. I came across this old  TAC article from July '07 - page two.  Bianca was a school mate of mine... she & I loved to read & we would often compare our essays in English class or chat & giggle over our latest schoolgirl crush. I was both stunned and saddened to read this, but also comforted in the fact that she has recovered so well and is getting on with her life.  As some of you will know I lost my Grandfather years ago because of a major car accident. He suffered for two years in much pain due to severe brain injury before he passed, so this article really hit home.  The picture in my mind still so vivid, seeing him lying there, hooked up to machines to keep him alive, while they tried to stabilise him in intensive care. He was such a loving man and besides my parents was such a huge influence in my life. I still miss him so much. With the Christmas holidays not far off, I pray we all take it easy & stay safe on the roads.